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A fun and easy way to learn African languages

These phenomenal materials along with the user-friendly software will enable you, as the teacher, to effortlessly teach these languages by just facilitating the lesson.

Let Abuti do the teaching!

Our Products

Full Foundation phase Abuti Syllabus™ package

  • 30 instructional animations in both AFR and ENG + 30 animations in the target language (immersion animations)
  • 15 Stories with audio (recorded by a native speaker)
  • 9 songs that promote Total Physical Response
  • Vocabulary recall for pronunciation practice (recorded by a native speaker)
  • 1 x Full color workbook for children that includes writing, reading as well as cut and paste activities
  • 1 x Teacher’s guide that includes grammar explanations, suggestions as well as full scripts of the immersion animations
  • The Abuti Syllabus™ Digital Reader (includes animations, audio + writing and drawing activities + teacher’s guide)
  • 1 x Reader workbook + 1 x Teacher’s guide with full transcriptions, translations and grammar help
  • Assessment and Revision Board Game that promotes Total Physical Response
  • Interactive A3 poster to help teach the noun classes of these African languages

20 minute Setswana

Welcome to 20 minute Setswana, the language course that makes it possible to learn Setswana easily and effortlessly.

Package includes :

  • 25 Main Audio lessons that include bonus grammar explanations and more…
  • Vocabulary recall
  • Workbook with detailed descriptions, progress pages and more…
  • A2 poster with a summary of the Setswana grammar system


Abuti Syllabus™ Doll Speaker + Story Building App + Audio App (5 Languages) :

This durable polyurethane foam basis toy with a fitted blue tooth speaker is the ideal way to get the students engaged and excited about learning African Languages.

  • Includes the full Abuti Syllabus™ Audio App.
  • Includes the Abuti Syllabus™ Story Building App.
  • Includes an 8GB USB flash drive with 12 lessons from the Full Foundation Phase
  • Doll Speaker with Mini USB charger cable, white board and Markers

Our Happy Teachers

I love that I can just facilitate the lesson. I don’t need to speak the language myself.

Sunet de Klerk

Home School Parent

There’s a workbook, animations, songs, a teacher’s guide… everything included in this fantastic product. Nna ke rata Abuti thata! (I love Abuti!)

Marita Dry

gr.1 Teacher

The children learn while they are enjoying the whole program and I think that is the most important  thing.

Itumenleng Pheto

gr.1 Teacher

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